Hodson Scholars

The Hodson Scholars community connects students across class years, schools, and majors.

Hodson Trust and Hodson-Gilliam Success scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic and personal achievement and leadership, and provide approximately two-thirds of the annual tuition costs for around 20 exceptional first-year students.

Hodson Scholars at pre-orientation service trip

“You go to college to get an education, but the things that you do outside of class are what really define your experience and path…These relationships are what you take with you after four years. You may start a business with someone you meet, or you may meet a future surgeon who may save your life someday.”—Anthony Garay ’19, co-founder of TCO Labs, a nonprofit promoting entrepreneurship among Hopkins students.

Hodson Scholars Mission Statement

Defined by an ethos of community, the Hodson Scholarship is awarded to incoming freshmen who have made a formidable commitment to the communities they come from and the communities they have joined. We identify incoming Hodson Scholars by their academic drive and the initiative they’ve already shown in defining their educational experience – through the intellectual curiosity that inspires independent and collaborative research projects, the ability to apply their learning to the real world, and leadership in serving others.

You will be joining a cohort of 150 Hodson Scholars on campus who are charged with the understanding that their education—in the words of the Hodson Trust—“is a necessity that serves not only the individual, but also the community as a whole.” Hodson Scholars are creators, change makers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. In this, they embody the mission of Johns Hopkins University to “bring knowledge to the world.”

As a Hodson Scholar, you will have the chance to engage in meaningful conversations, learn from different perspectives, and collaborate with your peers as you develop your academic and co-curricular passions. While each student at Hopkins has the opportunity to build their own path, Hodson Scholars provide a community to learn with and from each other as they grow in their capacity to contribute to the community both at and beyond Hopkins.

About the program

Hodson Scholars are part of a competitive cohort of students who have achieved excellence not only in their academics, but also in their extracurricular pursuits, and are actively engaged and eager to take the initiative to make meaningful change in the world.

The Hodson Scholars community is comprised of individuals who share the same intellectual fervor and eagerness to make an impact in the lives of others. Scholarship recipients enjoy the advantages of being part of this distinctive community, such as joining the Hodson Scholar Student Advisory Board and participating in a mentoring program between incoming students and upperclassmen.

Hodson Scholars can look forward to:

  • Welcome-back reception in September
  • Pre-orientation session to introduce the newest Hodson cohort
  • Annual luncheon
  • Peer forum on political topics
  • Off-campus social gatherings
Hodson Scholars sit and laugh on the quad

“Having access to incredible mentors allowed me to define what I wanted to do after Hopkins…and the Hodson Scholarship is what first brought me to Baltimore.”—Nicole Mihelson ’17

About the Hodson Trust

The Hodson Trust was established in 1920 by Col. Clarence Hodson, a Maryland native and a successful banker whose Beneficial Loan Society grew to more than 200 offices across the United States in the early 20th Century. Upon his death, his heirs continued to advance his lifelong philanthropic interest—supporting higher education—through the Hodson Trust. Hopkins, which has received nearly $90 million for a variety of priorities, is one of four Maryland higher education institutions the Trust supports.