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In times of uncertainty, Johns Hopkins has always armed ourselves with knowledge. Today, our clinicians, researchers, and experts are at the forefront of understanding COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic. We are driving the conversation around the most defining issue of today, from healthcare and engineering, to economics, social policy, and international relations 

Here you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the pandemic and its impact on our admissions process.  

The answers below may change over time as the evolving circumstances warrant. We will communicate those changes as they occur. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to your regional admissions counselor or join one of our many online events.

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Prospective Students and Families

Our admissions review process has always been about how you navigate your academic and personal circumstances, and anchors on three things.

  1. Academic Character

    how you pursue your academic interests based on the opportunities available to you 

  2. Impact and Initiative

    how you apply your learning to life and make an impact on the community around you 

  3. Making the Match

    how we see you interacting as a member of our community and making the most of the opportunities at Hopkins 

While we will consider your experiences during this unique time knowing the impact the pandemic has had on many thingsfrom classroom learning, testing, extra-curricular activities and enrichment—you should keep in mind that our review process takes the entirety of your high school career into consideration.

How can I learn more about Hopkins?

We are offering daily virtual information sessions and a variety of workshops related to the college search, financial aid, application processes, and more. See our visit page to register.

Other ways to engage:

How will canceled SAT/ACT tests impact the admissions process?

Due to severely limited opportunities for standardized testing, Johns Hopkins has extended our test-optional policy for the Class of 2026 (students applying for entry in the fall of 2022).

For more information, visit our standardized testing information webpage.

How will changes to AP/IB/SAT Subject Tests impact my admissions chances?

AP/IB Exams and SAT Subject tests are not a required part of our admissions process, and applicants will be considered within the context of current circumstances and the limitations they may pose. AP and IB Exam scores are primarily used to earn credit.  

Once on campus, students may take placement exams in certain disciplines to ensure they are in the appropriate course level. You can find more information on these placements here. 

My school has changed the way they are grading for the spring semester. How will this impact my application?

Applicants will be considered within the context of current circumstances and the limitations they may pose, including any changes to a school’s grading policy. Students apply from many different grading systems, and we always consider applications based on each high school’s specific grading system.  

We will review your application based on multiple years of academic achievement and extracurricular engagement. And as always, consider your academic achievements in conjunction with qualitative support (such as your recommendation letters and your own demonstration of academic character throughout high school.)

My activities have been impacted because of school closures or internships closing. Will this affect my application?

The need for caution and safety are paramount at this time, and we want our prospective students to stay safe. We know that many schools or business are closing or moving to remote work, which will likely impact school clubs and organizations, athletics, internships, research, and other activities students are involved in. Applicants will be considered within the context of the student’s circumstances and limitations due to the pandemic.

Should I let you know what I was intending to be involved in? How?

Yes, you can let us know any plans that you had that were canceled due to the pandemic. You can simply include them in your activities list and note that it was impacted by the pandemic. You can also provide a brief description, if necessary, in the additional information section of the application.   

I have questions about financial aid. Where can I get information?

Please see common questions related to COVID-19. Students and families may contact our financial aid office at (410) 516-8028, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. EST. You can also schedule a virtual or phone appointment with your assigned financial aid adviser.

When will campus visits be available?

All on-campus events are canceled until further notice. Until we can see you in person, try one of our virtual events.

How is the University supporting its current students?

The university faculty, staff, and students have joined together to support each other in a variety of ways, building communities, fostering curiosity and collaboration, and using technology to quickly bring educationand the communityonline.

  • All classes will be held remotely this fall. The most up-to-date information about on-campus activity can be found on the Hub.
  • Research and employment opportunities will only be available remotely.
  • Financial aid and costs of attendance will be adjusted to support our students, including a 10% reduced undergraduate tuition rate for the fall semester and an expanded budget to meet anticipated financial need.
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