Name: Ha N.  

Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam  

Anticipated Major(s) and minor(s): Majors: Economics, Computer Science, Minor: Entrepreneurship & Management 

How did you discover Hopkins? I heard about Hopkins a long time ago and have been impressed with its abundant research opportunities and breakthroughs ever since. As a person curious about multiple disciplines and excited about exploration, I look forward to enjoying the utmost academic flexibility while immersing myself in Hopkin’s diverse community. 

What are you most excited for about coming to Hopkins? Everything – friends, classes, internships, research, etc. I cannot wait to see what Hopkins and Baltimore have to offer! 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (dream big!) I’d love to work in banking or tech – or even somewhere in between. Investment Banking, consulting or SWE – the path is yet to be found.