By Klaire B., ’25

My lifelong dream has been to help and inspire humankind to the greatest extent of my abilities. During high school, I decided that a career in science was the best way for me to reach and help as many people as possible. Earning an education at a highly selective institution like Johns Hopkins would give me the most beneficial options for attaining my career goals and making my lifelong dream a reality. 

As an aspiring scientist, Johns Hopkins stands out to me as a university that is at the forefront of many scientific breakthroughs that will help society. Finding the solution to pressing scientific problems has been my main focus and a passion of mine during my undergraduate studies. Organic chemistry is my top concentration for research. Following my successful completion of the course, I was selected as the embedded tutor (teacher’s assistant) for the class the year following due to my passion and prior experience as a supplemental instruction leader.  

Once I transfer to a university, I hope to take my knowledge of organic chemistry and expand my mastery of research laboratory techniques. Analyzing NMR and IR spectroscopy samples to identify structural properties was the highlight of my time in organic chemistry, but I was unable to use these skills for research since little to no research is done at the community college level. Johns Hopkins’ NMR Core facility is far more advanced with multiple instruments to examine compounds, giving its researchers a better chance to find solutions to the questions they’re asking. Undergraduate research programs like the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) give me the chance as an undergraduate to learn the skills and gain the experience needed to continue as a professional in the sciences. It would be the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to join and become one of the top scientific researchers in the world. 

Coming from a small town in California, I believe attending Johns Hopkins University would give me the opportunity to branch out, experience different cultures, and meet people with new ideas and perspectives to help me explore my individuality. The inclusivity of this university appeals to me, a first-generation college student and woman in STEM. The ability to get hands-on experience and guidance from distinguished, supportive professors is vital for success at a higher level. As a First-Gen Forward institution, Johns Hopkins University offers a welcoming place for me and resources dedicated to my success. The constant efforts to uphold equity and the support offered to all the amazing women that have succeeded at Johns Hopkins gives me confidence that this is the right university for me.  

Attending Johns Hopkins University would give me access to the resources I would personally need to succeed and give me opportunities to gain crucial experience to become a successful professional in the STEM career field. I have continued to master all of my STEM and general education classes while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and I hope to utilize my skills at the next level. 

Admissions Committee Comments

Through her transfer essay, Klaire showcases her deep interest in advancing scientific research through her experiences at her community college and her future at Hopkins. Her curiosity led to her selection as a teaching assistant in her organic chemistry course, and she used that opportunity to further explore her academic passions. Klaire also highlights the role in which her identity as a first-generation college student has shaped her perspective. At Hopkins, she writes, she would not only grow as a scholar, but also as member of an inclusive campus community. The admissions committee can clearly identify Klaire’s match for Hopkins through her research mindset and value for diversity of thought within our community.   

“My essay allowed me to show how I personally connected to the activities and organizations I was involved in. I demonstrated that each of my involvements was not just another activity to list, but evidence of who I am and why they are important to me. The prompt made me think more deeply about the reasons why I wanted to attend a highly selective university like Johns Hopkins. This gave me the idea to tie those important aspects of my activities to how I was qualified and why I wanted to attend this institution. ”

Klaire B.