You might notice when signing up for our mailing list or registering for events, we ask for your contact information and optional details like your preferred name, pronouns, and gender identity.

Given the personal and fluid nature of this information, we want to explain why the Office of Undergraduate Admissions asks for it and what we do with it.

Our office will address you by your preferred name in all communications in which you are the only recipient, such as emails about events or application tips. In all correspondence that goes to you as well as your parent or guardian, including print materials we mail to your home address, we’ll use your first name.

Regarding pronouns, we stick to the second person in the emails we send to you. In instances when we’re writing to families or school counselors, we use broader language, such as “your student” or “they/them” when referring to students.

Your privacy is important to us, and we recognize that some high school students might not want to share this information with their family or community. We will never disclose your preferred name, pronouns, or gender identity to anyone, and it is information that does not affect how we review applications.

So then why do we ask for it? It lets us know how we can better support you and have specific resources in place to help you feel confident as you consider where to apply. Your identity should be acknowledged, respected, and shared on your own terms.

We encourage you to provide our office with the information you’re most comfortable with. Remember, you can always choose “Prefer not to say.”

To learn about how Hopkins students specify their preferred names and pronouns, visit our Gender & Sexuality resources.