Spring break is coming up, the perfect time for a college road trip! With so many colleges scattered throughout the east coast, taking a road trip is an efficient way to compare multiple schools while they’re fresh in your mind. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you plan a successful trip. 

1. Do some digging before you hit the road.

There’s a lot of information you can access from the comfort of home, from websites and blogs like these or virtual panels and events. Take advantage of these resources to start thinking about questions you’ll want to ask during your visit and make a list of things you hope to see. 

2. Pack a notebook.

It may seem old school, but there’s a reason pen and paper have staying power. You’ll want a place to jot things down during your campus visit, like questions you need answered or fun facts you learned on the tour. Tempting as it might be to just whip out your notes app, your phone can also serve as a distraction. Instead, grab a notebook to help you stay organized. 

Don’t yet have a notebook you love? Sign up for one of our virtual or in-person events, then keep an eye on your mailbox! 

3. Don’t forget snacks!

Snacks are the ultimate road trip essentials. You’ll definitely want some healthy brain fuel to nourish you for a long drive, but a few sweet treats can also provide a little pick-me-up along the way. Snack time also provides a great opportunity to try local staples as you move from place to place. For your stop in Baltimore, pick up some Berger cookies and Old Bay potato chips! Or if your visit falls on a humid summer day, cool down with a Snowball.  

4. Embrace the college vibes IRL.

A benefit of visiting campus in person is getting a feel for college life in real time. As you walk around campus, can you picture yourself as a student here? Don’t be afraid to talk to students to learn about day-to-day life, popular campus activities, and what they love most about Hopkins. Try to spend some time in the surrounding neighborhoods as well for the full Blue Jay experience. 

If you still have questions after you head home, send them to our students using Blue Jay Connection.  

5. Enjoy the ride! 

Your road trip is also your vacation—make the most of it! In between college visits, set aside time to explore each city and do things that interest you. Baltimore offers options for all tastes, from performances and outdoor activities to foodie hot spots and renowned museums. Feel free to ask students and admissions staff for recommendations—we’re always happy to share! 

Bon voyage!