As a senior, I’ve been feeling nostalgic about my past (almost) four years at Hopkins. Coming to college, I was scared about moving away from home and starting anew. It seemed daunting to try and find a new community all alone, especially as it was my first time away from home. Yet, my time at Hopkins would not have been the same if I did not become involved in the clubs/school organizations I am currently in. Most of my extracurriculars began my freshman year, and, looking back, this is where I met many of my closest friends.

Getting involved on campus was very easy. With Student Involvement Fairs every semester, clubs tabling on the Breezeway, and the many public events offered by all organizations, I had the chance to join an a cappella group (Humming Jay), Korean Students Association, and the national service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega (APO) my freshman year. Through these activities, I have made lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. Here is a recollection of the past four years through photos I have taken and found!

Freshman Year (2016-2017)

KSA Spring Picnic.

Humming Jay practice!

Humming Jay post-concert dinner.

Sophomore Year (2017-2018)

APO Family

Junior Year (2018-2019)

Humming Jay performance at JHUMUNC.

Senior Year (2019-2020)

KSA Korean Alphabet Day Event.

Humming Jay at A Cappella O-Show.

It’s very easy to get involved at Hopkins. With so many student organizations on-campus, which can be found at Hopkins Groups, there is something available/fitting for everyone. Come to Hopkins and explore new options! Whether it be joining a cultural group to learn about your culture and becoming involved in the Performing Arts for the first time (just like me!) or doing something completely new and adventurous, Hopkins is the perfect place to find yourself, make lifelong friends, and create unforgettable memories during the best four years of your life.