Hi everyone! My sophomore year has recently come to an end. Like I did last year, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on all the fun times I had on and around campus. Here we go!

1. Hanging out with my friends

This year, my friends and I lived in the same residence hall, Scott-Bates Commons. This made it very easy for us to study and, of course, have fun together! Whether it was studying for our upcoming organic chemistry exam or playing Mario Kart, I had a lot of good times.

Me and my friends at our White Elephant gift exchange!

2. Cooking great food

Since I had a larger kitchen, I took it upon myself to learn how to become a better cook. When I wasn’t in the mood to eat at the dining hall, I would fix up a delicious meal. I learned how to cook many different things this year, which will help me next year when I live off campus.

3. Seeing snow

It snowed this year in Baltimore after quite a long time! Since I’m from Minnesota, this was something I missed seeing. I frolicked in the snow with my friends and made snow angels. After that, we drank hot chocolate. This was a super fun time that reminded me so much of my childhood.

Campus with lots of snow!

4. Taking interesting classes

This year I was able to take an upper-level course, Behavioral Endocrinology, for my neuroscience major. I looked forward to taking upper levels as they are more niche than the neuroscience core courses. This one examined the evolution and mechanisms of hormones and behaviors of many kinds of species, including humans. It was cool to learn about different evolutionary behaviors. Did you know steroid hormones don’t vary across species?

I’m excited to make more memories with my friends and continue learning interesting things in my classes. Time flies when you’re having fun!