Today is National First-Generation College Celebration Day!

Each year, we celebrate our First-Generation, Limited-Income (FLI) community on campus with our FLI Day celebration. The Hopkins community gathers in front of the iconic Gilman Hall to enjoy activities, snacks, and hot beverages while honoring and recognizing FLI students, faculty, and staff.

At Hopkins, 30% of undergraduate students identify as FLI. Our FLI Network engages FLI students and alumni by connecting those with shared identities. The network aims to enhance student success by cultivating a sense of belonging, inclusion, encouragement, and resilience among first-generation and/or limited-income students, faculty, staff, alumni, and allies.

As part of this celebration, we asked members of the FLI community to share what their experience has been like at Hopkins.

Students enjoy a photobooth at the FLI Day celebration on campus November 8, 2022. (Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University)

Seth C., ’26

Hopkins has been incredibly supportive of me as a FLI student. I have never had to worry about affording a Hopkins education, and I even received a free laptop and a grant to pursue summer experiences. Next semester, I will be studying in Washington, DC as part of the Hopkins Semester in DC program, and I do not have to worry about affording an apartment in DC since my financial aid will travel with me.

I also receive more frequent and tailored academic counseling as a FLI student, which has been invaluable. I take great pride in Hopkins being one of the few top schools in the country to end legacy admissions to increase its diversity, especially regarding enrollment of FLI students. This makes me feel that Hopkins truly cares about students like me, and I believe it makes the school environment more meritocratic. Lastly, working with the FLI Network as a student advisory board member has made me appreciate how much work staff do behind the scenes to make Hopkins a great place for FLI students.

Alyssa K., ’24

Last year, FLI Day filled me with a rush of pride because it was great to see our community taking up so much space on campus in such a positive, inviting way. Watching members of the Hopkins community—FLI or not—come together and celebrate with us was equally fun and heartwarming because it emphasized how special we are here.

Students, faculty, staff, and allies celebrate FLI Day on November 8, 2022, with art, activities, giveaways, and refreshments. (Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University)

Steven G., ’25

Being part of the FLI community at Hopkins has been really important for me. Coming in, there was a lot of academic support for FLI students; there is a whole office dedicated to making sure we feel supported at all times.

Hopkins also hosts various FLI events so we can interact with one another and meet different people.

Brianna F., ’25

As a FLI student, I have access to countless opportunities to ensure my success. I have taken advantage of the wealth of resources available to FLI students here at Hopkins, from meetings with my SCAA (Success Coaching Program in Academic Advising) advisor to events held by JUMP (Johns Hopkins Underserved in the Medical Professions) directors. Upon coming to Hopkins, the sense of community between FLI students was a pleasant surprise. Many of my FLI friends have played just as vital a role in my experience as the administration, connecting me with people and opportunities to help me grow.

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