One of my favorite things to do in Baltimore is find new things to do, and new restaurants to eat at. Here’s a list of the places I really loved going to this summer, that can still be enjoyed now that classes have officially started. The days are still pretty long, the air’s still humid, and we’re still getting summer temperatures in Baltimore, so these suggestions still apply.

Loch Bar

Sipping Frosé By the Water at Loch Bar.

Loch Bar is a great seafood spot in Harbor East, with an expansive raw bar perfect for hot summer days. They also have an amazing strawberry frosé (as pictured) that is great for cooling down after window-shopping and walking around. What makes Loch Bar really stand out is its view of the harbor and its proximity to the water. Its view of docked sailboats gives Loch Bar more of a nautical vibe than you would expect to find in Baltimore, making it perfect for anyone’s summer instagram aesthetic.

Camden Yards

So I will admit that baseball is not my favorite sport. However, for students it only costs $10 to go and watch the Orioles play (and probably lose). Depending how much you love America’s classic game, you can choose how much you really want to watch of it and how much you want to yell at the players. The stands are also a good place to hang out with friends, eat hotdogs, get a summer tan, and relax after a long week. Summer baseball games on Fridays also come with a free fireworks show and country music concert!

The Sandlot

Reliving my childhood summers at 21.

The Sandlot takes proximity to the water to another level. It’s basically an artificial beach built up at the edge of the harbor to simulate the type of place Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth acted on in The Last Song. But it’s definitely the most decked out beach that I’ve ever been on, with romantic string lights, swing sets, volleyball courts, a DJ, and a hard-fought-over corn hole set. It’s pretty difficult to not find something to do here. Their menu is pretty simple, offering things that you would usually find at a beach cookout, like hot dogs and hamburgers. They also host a lot of events throughout the week like Monday Salsa Nights, which are a great way to meet other Baltimoreans that may or may not know how to salsa.

Grano Pasta Bar

Grano Pasta Bar is a place that’s great in any season, but even after living here for three years, this summer was the first time I actually tried the place. It has a reasonably priced menu of tasty, simple, and super fresh pasta dishes. It’s a pretty no-nonsense place. There’s no extra fluff or distractions, just really good food. Also, getting a side order of bread and their special garlicky olive oil for dipping is a must.

Woodberry Kitchen

I think I’ve written a bit too much about Woodberry Kitchen, but it is honestly just such a good restaurant. So much care, detail, and creativity goes into every dish, and the menu, although filled with classics such as their very popular chicken and biscuits, also dares you to try something a little out of the ordinary. The menu is also completely locally sourced, and changes based off the seasons, so every experience there is unique and different. The uniform of plaid and combat boots is maybe a little extra, but I’ll survive it for a classic CMP sundae: vanilla ice cream topped with peanuts, warm fudge, and melted marshmallows. Definitely the perfect way to finish off a summer night.

Going to school at Hopkins is more than just going to a university, completely isolated from the world around you. Going to Hopkins also means getting the chance to explore a city like Baltimore, with new spots to discover. Being from the suburbs of South Florida, Baltimore is a place with a much richer cultural diversity and history than my hometown. There’s so many places to see and things to eat outside of campus, something that has really amplified my experience in college. Going to Hopkins is more than learning inside lecture halls; it also means learning about your surroundings and all the great things that Baltimore has to offer.