One thing that I didn’t count on when I moved from Puerto Rico to Baltimore was snow days…

“You mean, classes are actually canceled? For snow? So I can go back to sleep?”

It’s happened to me a grand total of one time so far, and it was marvelous to have a small break to relax and renew. So now I’m trying to do everything I can to make another one happen. Here are my favorite snow day superstitions:

1. Put a spoon under your pillow. 

(Because spoons and snow go hand-in-hand. Duh)

2. Flush ice cubes down the toilet. 

(Chances are, if your toilet is cold then your day will be so as well)

3. Put on your pajamas, both backwards and inside-out 

(Turn that weather inside-out, just like your pjs)

4. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand

(A sacrifice for the snow gods)

5. Yell “Snow day!” into the freezer

(If you convince your freezer, it will definitely happen)

6. Put a white crayon on every windowsill 

(Maybe the sky will get inspired and turn itself white? I dunno)

7. Eat a ton of ice cream

(That one is not an actual superstition, but ice cream can’t hurt!)

I’m going to go do all of these… at the same time. It’s totally going to work.