There are more places to study around campus that are NOT Brody.

To be honest, I don’t even like BRODY!   *gasp*

I find that I can never get anything done in Brody, mainly, because I see all my friends there. So earlier in the year, I had to venture out and find other study spots.


For everyone else, Brody is a great place to go and study. There are various areas to study in depending on what you like. There are private rooms that you can reserve, high chairs with whiteboards, or comfortable couches. It really depends on where you would like to study.


Ahh, the library. I personally do not like it. It’s too stuffy. Plus, the lower you go, the quieter it gets. I’m a loud person. Therefore, it is not for me. However if you want a quiet space to study, D-level is great! But, there are also group areas to study in. And there are lots of single desks if you want to study with some background noise.


Gilman is too pretty for me to study in. Every time I sit in the atrium, I just want a cup of coffee and watch my favorite sitcom show. It offers rooms for students to study in as long as there are no classes taking place in them. And in the back of Gilman is the reading room! The reading room is a really nice and pretty version of D-level in MSE.


Mudd atrium is gorgeous. I love studying there. It’s cold, it’s huge, and the FFC is right next to it. There are rooms in Mudd that students can use to study in as well. Or you can head over to the UTL Labs and study by one of the large windows on the sides.

ALL Other Buildings Around Campus

Sometimes, I will go and study in Latrobe Hall or Kriegar Hall as long as there is no one in those classrooms.


It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful.  If the weather permits, study in the courtyard!

If All Else Fails

Study in your common room, multipurpose room, or in your dorm.