A Hopkins education is defined by access to diverse perspectives. Our students come from every corner of the world, bringing with them an unending variety of ideas and lived experiences. Regardless of their identity, every student is able to find home on the Homewood campus.

A few Blue Jays shared how they knew that Hopkins would be the right place for them.

Luiza B., ’26

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
Major: Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science

As an international student, the process of applying to and selecting a school in the US can feel overwhelming. It’s tough to picture yourself in a place with a culture you’ve never experienced before. When I was considering Hopkins, what really stood out to me was their commitment to accessibility. They offered plenty of virtual events and there were admissions officers who genuinely understood my background. After attending many of these webinars, I decided to apply Early Decision for a few reasons. First, Hopkins’ academic excellence, particularly its renowned biomedical engineering program, appealed to me. The flexibility to pursue a double major in computer science was also a big draw. From my research, I found out that it’s pretty common to double major or minor here.

Moreover, knowing that Hopkins offers need-based financial aid to international students like me was crucial. Lastly, the diverse student body and the number of cultural organizations and year-round celebrations made it easier for me to envision myself fitting in, even from thousands of miles away. Since coming here, I’ve made countless memories and formed incredible friendships with people from completely different backgrounds. It’s been an incredibly rewarding learning experience, both in and out of the classroom.

Leini Mae P., ’27

Hometown: Hilo, HI
Major: Public Health Studies

The main reason I knew Hopkins would be a great match for me, both in general and as a Native student, was the diverse education and differing perspectives that it offers. Growing up Native Hawaiian, I heard stories of my ancestors traveling the world to gain insight and knowledge from different people to bring back to our communities in Hawaii. With a Hopkins education, I knew I could pursue my interests in medicine and public health while also discovering different perspectives from my classmates and connections. I knew that Hopkins’ resources would allow me to do what my ancestors did—gather as much information as I can to bring back and help the Hawaiian community.

Arman K., ’26

Hometown: Denver, CO
Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Hopkins is a university I have admired for years. When looking for a college, I looked for an institution with immersive research opportunities, a community engaged in social justice and service, and a diverse, passionate student body. The impact-based and world-changing initiative that the community of Hopkins embraces is something uniquely special, and I aspired to become a part of it.

Molly K., ’25

Hometown: Jackson Springs, NC
Major: Chemistry

First and foremost, as both a runner and an aspiring medical professional, Hopkins presented an unparalleled opportunity to pursue my academic and athletic interests concurrently. The university boasts the most successful women’s Division III cross country program in history, offering a competitive yet supportive environment where I can continue to grow as an athlete while pursuing my academic goals. Furthermore, Hopkins is renowned for its leading programs in healthcare and medicine, consistently ranking among the best in the nation. The prospect of being immersed in a campus environment that fosters excellence in both athletics and academics deeply resonated with me.

Coming from a small town, I had limited access to research opportunities during high school. Hopkins’ distinction as the number one research university in the nation assured me that I would have ample opportunities to engage in groundbreaking research projects across various disciplines. The availability of cutting-edge research facilities and mentorship from esteemed faculty members has been invaluable in shaping my academic journey and preparing me for a career in medicine.

Another compelling aspect of Hopkins is its diverse and inclusive community. Growing up in a small town, my exposure to different cultures and viewpoints was limited. Attending Hopkins offered me the chance to interact with individuals from all around the world, broadening my perspectives and enriching my college experience.

Ursula S., ’25

Hometown: Oxford, England
Major: International Studies and East Asian Studies; Environmental Studies minor

As an international student from the UK, I came to Hopkins to experience a world-class education while stepping outside of my cultural comfort zone. With such a welcoming student body and faculty, Hopkins became a nurturing environment where I could assimilate into the US and learn more from university than just information for my degree. Hopkins’ large international student community means I’m never alone, making me feel at home in Baltimore even if it’s thousands of miles away from my own.