Intellectual curiosity drives our students to continue learning even when school is not in session. Hopkins offers many resources to connect students with summer experiences that build upon what they’ve learned throughout the school year. Our students regularly pursue internships, volunteer work, research positions, and study abroad programs to gain hands-on experience and expand their worldview. Scroll through to learn how some of our Blue Jays spent last summer.

Thanh D. ‘25

“Last summer I volunteered as a clinic escort for Planned Parenthood Baltimore and attended a research program held by the Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education. Both of these experiences affirmed my desire to become a physician who can be the voice of medical reason for patients with intersecting identities, particularly sexual and racial minorities.”

Kinsey T. ‘23

“Last summer, I participated in the Hopkins Salamanca Spanish Language and Culture program and took two Spanish courses that will apply for credit toward my Spanish minor. I lived in Salamanca for a month with a host family and got to not only practice Spanish language but also learn and explore Spanish culture! One of my favorite experiences was learning about the history of Spain and the Arab influence in the architecture.”

Alex S. ‘24

“Last summer I worked as a Drug Product Process Sciences Intern at Regeneron in Rensselaer, NY. The experience showed me that although this specific job may not be for me, I learned valuable lessons like the importance of using statistics to back up any claims and having many control samples for quantitative measurements.”

Mikayla Chua ‘23

“Last summer, I had the pleasure of participating in the Community Impact Internships Program (CIIP) through JHU’s Center for Social Concern. My internship placement was at Baltimore City Hall in the office of Councilman James Torrence. Working in local government has made me acutely aware of the strength and beauty of Baltimore’s neighborhoods, as well as the careful thought and diligent research that goes into the legislative process. Because of CIIP, I feel more at home and in love with Baltimore.”

Joanna Z. ‘23

“Last summer I worked as a research assistant in two labs on campus, the Lab for Child Development and the Janak Lab, which focuses on the behavioral and neurobiological mechanisms underlying adaptive and maladaptive associative learning. I also worked as a crisis counselor on the Crisis Text Line. I most enjoyed the process of planning and creating my own research project, creating stimuli, and collaborating with my PI (Principal Investigator).”

Chris S. ‘25

“Last summer I participated in the Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. I loved the hands-on experience of shadowing doctors. I had never been in a clinical setting before, so I feel like I learned a lot. The program also allowed me to make connections with several doctors and even the dean of admissions at the medical school. I hope to keep making connections with other doctors and professors at Hopkins!”