As a full-time student, I’ve held several campus jobs and found them easily through SMILE, the university’s experiential learning platform. Working in different campus environments has unexpectedly taught me so much about Hopkins and its students. It may seem daunting to add to your schedule with a job, but there are many accessible campus opportunities for students (you don’t even have to cross the street to get to your “office”). These positions offer experiential learning opportunities, which are part-time work experiences or internships that facilitate leadership development and career exploration.

Here are some highlights from my past campus jobs: 

1. Student Center Ambassador: This was my first on-campus job and one I still hold! Many of our student spaces like Levering Hall and the Shriver Hall music practice rooms need someone stationed there to help provide directions, room access, supplies, and more. This role is all about interpersonal skills and being a resource for others, whether those are families touring the campus, students unwinding with a game of pool in the lounge, or people looking for the tech store, financial aid office, or cafe! My favorite perk is that our student managers and Student Affairs always plan staff bonding events with treats for the whole team.

Levering Hall at 7 a.m.—the opening shift.  
Holiday student employee appreciation event hosted by our student managers and Student Affairs. 

2. Organic Chemistry Lab Teaching Assistant: Many students go on to become a teaching assistant (TA) for a class they’ve taken. My lab section’s TA recommended me for the role, and it was a great opportunity to get to know the other TAs I worked with. Being on the other side of a class is an invaluable experience where you can use what you learned to help your peers succeed.

3. Summer Conference Staff: Did you know Hopkins hosts around 6,000 guests for summer conferences? They range from swim camps for kids to leadership conferences for industry-leading professionals. A team of student employees makes this possible by preparing for and assisting the guests during their stay, from the moment they check in until they check out. The Scheduling & Event Services office was extremely supportive, providing all staff with the resources we needed to accommodate all the guests. Our team grew so close from working together all summer. I loved that team members always stopped by the front desk to say hi to whoever was on shift. The highlight of the summer was our staff outing to Dave and Buster’s where we hit the jackpot three times!

Proof of our aforementioned Dave and Buster’s skills.

In each role I’ve held, I have genuinely gained so many different abilities while further honing core skills like communication, teamwork, and resourcefulness. While there’s no pressure to work, there’s always an open position for those looking to apply their abilities to something around campus. There are so many roles like research assistant, social media intern, and business analyst—I guarantee you can find something you’re interested in. In return, you’ll find mentorship and camaraderie in your supervisors and peers. With their support, you can learn applicable skills just like you would in a classroom but with the perk of getting paid! 

All the jobs you could imagine are on SMILE, the university’s platform for on-campus job postings.