Decision letters are going to be rolling out soon for colleges.

Since I was an ED admit to Hopkins, I never faced the dilemma that many of you might soon find yourself in. Choosing between colleges can be hard. As an early decision student, I can tell you why I chose Hopkins and why flying 7500 miles all the way from India to Baltimore was totally worth it!

Johns Hopkins University
  1. You get to do amazing research here, even as a freshman! You might get a chance to work with word-class faculty, clinicians, authors, and researchers- the best in their fields. You get to apply skills you learn in class to real-world problems.
  2. You get to learn from and interact with the most amazing professors. And, you get to take advantage of the open core curriculum to take classes from a wide range of disciplines. You might be a STEM kid, but you could take courses ranging from foreign language to philosophy. There are no restrictions to what electives you can take.
  3. The vibrant, cultural and quirky Baltimore. I come from Delhi, which is the city of all cities. Baltimore has a small-town feel to it but it is situated in a city, close to different university campuses, museums, and amazing cities like New York, and DC!
  4. Its a small tight-knit campus so you see familiar faces around all the time. As an added advantage, you can make it to class on time even if you get up late.

I hope you choose Hopkins, obviously. If you get in, it’s because you can handle it, and because you’re the kind of person who will love it. Life moves fast at college. Choose a college because you know you want to do it, not because of rankings or because other people say you should. Hopkins gives you endless opportunities to explore and friends to explore them with. I’m proud to be a Blue Jay!!

Good luck choosing! 🙂