Hello World!

I am usually a person who likes to plan things out ahead of time, anything from going out with friends or events. But, one of the things that I’ve had to get used to is the spontaneity of college life. I’ve realized that most of my favorite memories with friends are from very spontaneous moments, from a random craving or idea.

This past Saturday, my friends and I went out to Towson!

So, flashback. We happened to meet up in Brody and studied together. Then, we started talking about dinner. One thing led to another, and we agreed on pho and Kung Fu Tea!

We took the bus from campus to Towson and went to a good pho place! After we ate, we went to Kung Fu Tea. I got to try a new tea flavor: Wintermelon Milk Green Tea! We played games like Uno and Jenga while drinking tea and waiting for the bus.

John waiting for Karin to collapse the tower.
Josh and John reinventing Jenga.

Us mid-Uno game.

Towson was really pretty at night, and I definitely want to go back to explore it more! It also has a lot of other really good food places and a shopping mall! It was really convenient that the bus took us near the pho shop, and from there, it was about a 5 minute walk.

So, we actually missed our bus, but we made the best out of it! We played never have I ever, and we threw snowballs at each other. Also, the weather was freezing outside, but the time actually flew by.

All in all, this was a great way to start off the semester! I’ve realized that it’s really important to make time for friends, no matter how busy you are. A misconception that I had about college was that you could only study and even if you were to hang out with people, it would only be on campus. This is not true! There are many opportunities to go out and explore. Also, go along with the flow! It’s so fun to see where the night takes you.