Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

Johns Hopkins undergraduates can dig deeper into the issues that matter most to them—with support along the way. The Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program is just one way Hopkins gives students the resources to find the answers. The program provides eligible students up to $10,000 over four years to investigate a research topic of their own design.

Students in the Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts & Sciences work with their advisers to shape their own courses of study, even as freshmen. More than 70 percent of all Johns Hopkins undergraduates engage in research during their time here.

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Martha Harrison '14

Martha used her Woodrow Wilson Fellowship funding to research the game of football in her adopted city. "Baltimore was the best model for my research. Football is so much bigger here than it is for the typical sports fan. The city is real," says Harrison.


Applying for the Wilson Fellowship

To apply for the Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship, you must be a current Johns Hopkins University applicant. A separate application is required.

The application deadline was Friday, February 8, 2019. Admitted students (both Early Decision and Regular Decision applicants) who are awarded a Woodrow Wilson Research Fellowship will be notified in late March. (Notifications are only sent to fellowship recipients.)

Applications are now closed.

From pro football to ancient Sanskrit, Wilson Fellows are investigating topics of their own design. See more examples on The Hub.