AP/IB/Other Credit Information

Advanced Placement (AP)

You may earn college credit in one or more subjects through the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Program. Johns Hopkins grants academic credits as listed below. Note that these policies are regularly reviewed and are subject to change.

See notes below for details specific to certain exams.

AP Exam Score Credits
Biology 5 6
Calculus AB 5 4
Calculus BC 5 8
Calculus BC 3/4 4
Chemistry 5 8
Chemistry 4 4
Computer Science A 5 3
Environmental Science 4/5 4
Macroeconomics 5 3
Microeconomics 5 3
Physics C (Mech) 4/5 4
Physics C (E&M) 4/5 4
Statistics 4/5 4


Macroeconomics: Students who score a 5 on the Macro AP exam are placed out of AS.180.101 Elements of Macroeconomics and receive university credit. However, it does not count as one of the ten courses required for the economics major.

Microeconomics: Students who score a 5 on the Micro AP exam, AND who pass a diagnostic test administered by Professor Hamilton will place out of AS.180.102 Elements of Microeconomics and receive University credit for it. However, it does not count as one of the ten course required for the economics major. Interested students should make an appointment with Professor Hamilton.

Calculus AB/BC: Students may receive credit for Calculus I via only one test.

Biology: Students who are awarded credit for AP Biology or AP Physics are exempt from taking the corresponding lab courses (for AS.171.101 General Physics: Physical Science Major I-AS.171.102 General Physics: Physical Science Majors II and for AS.020.153 General Biology Laboratory I-AS.020.154 General Biology Lab II). The lab courses are waived but no credit is awarded. Students who have credit for AP Biology but take General Biology Lab 1 and/or General Biology Lab 2 will lose all six credits of AP Biology credit.

Chemistry: Students who have credit for AP Chemistry but take either lab semester without the lecture course, will lose 4 of their AP credits. Students who take either lecture class without the lab will lose AP credit for the corresponding lab in addition to the lecture. Effective fall 2014, students with AP Chemistry credits for AS.030.101 Introductory Chemistry I/AS.030.105 Introductory Chemistry Lab I may not take AS.030.102 Introductory Chemistry II/AS.030.106 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory II without taking AS.030.101 Introductory Chemistry I/AS.030.105 Introductory Chemistry Lab I at JHU (forfeiting 4 AP credits).

No credit is awarded for Advanced Placement examinations not listed above.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

You may receive college credit for higher level International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in the following subjects:

IB Exam Score Credits
Biology 6/7 6
Chemistry 6/7 8
Macroeconomics 7 3
Mathematics 6/7 4
Physics 7 8
Physics 6 4

Exam Credits for Foreign Language

Effective Fall 2015, the German and Romance Languages Department will not award any credit for Spanish AP/IB exams. French, German, and Italian will grant six credits for AP scores of 4 or 5 (IB Exams for 6 or 7) only after a student successfully completes two courses in that same language sequence at the intermediate level or higher.

UK-based Curricula

Credit is awarded for grades of A or B on the British and Singapore General Certificate of Education A-level courses in the same subject areas included on the AP exams and IB courses listed above. International curriculum students interested in receiving credit for other advanced-level studies may have their work evaluated by the appropriate academic departments.

Johns Hopkins University will consider applications from students with Cambridge Pre-U examination results according to their merits, as is the case with A Level applicants. All candidates must submit complete applications to be considered for admission to Johns Hopkins. Johns Hopkins is in the process of reviewing what academic credit might be awarded for Pre-U grades.

Additional Credits

In addition to allowable credits from AP or IB higher-level exams, entering freshmen may transfer up to 12 credits from course work taken at other colleges that meets the criteria of the academic advising offices. If a student enters the university with AP or IB credits for a specific course and then takes an equivalent course offered by the university, his or her AP or IB credits are disallowed.