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Hopkins Interactive is your gateway to our campus community, with student blogs, Instagram photos, videos, and more.

“I truly cannot put into words how impressed I’ve been with the campus, the professors, the faculty, and my classmates. My first month at Hopkins has been everything I wanted it to be and much, much more.”
Jack ’20 (Chesterfield, NJ)
Physics, Math

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Our students aren't shy when it comes to why they love Hopkins. In fact, they've created an entirely student-run social media website dedicated to doing just that.

After all, what is it that makes a school unique? What makes it somewhere you'd like to spend four important years? It's not just the campus or the buildings, it’s the people you meet and the experiences undergraduates share that shape the college community.

“I definitely miss my friends from Hopkins the most. Hopkins has a very unique, close-knit community of passionate, interesting people that is hard to match.”
— Sydney Rooney, Class of 2014

(Click here to see Sydney's full Alumni Profile on Hopkins Interactive.)

What brings such a diverse group of brought current students to Hopkins and how are they spending their time here?

Girija ’17 student picture
Girija ’17
Genevieve ’17 student picture
Genevieve ’17
Hayley ’17 student picture
Hayley ’17
Amy ’18 student picture
Amy ’18
Varun ’20 student picture
Varun ’20
Emily ’17 student picture
Emily ’17
Joshua ’18 student picture
Joshua ’18
Quan ’18 student picture
Quan ’18
Allison ’17 student picture
Allison ’17
Aneek ’18 student picture
Aneek ’18
Alyssa ’20 student picture
Alyssa ’20
Jenna ’20 student picture
Jenna ’20
Albert ’18 student picture
Albert ’18
Brianna ’19 student picture
Brianna ’19
Jonah ’20 student picture
Jonah ’20
Kaylee ’20 student picture
Kaylee ’20
Molly ’18 student picture
Molly ’18
Sarah ’19 student picture
Sarah ’19
Katie ’20 student picture
Katie ’20
Kamran ’19 student picture
Kamran ’19
Colette ’18 student picture
Colette ’18
Dan ’17 student picture
Dan ’17
Jack ’20 student picture
Jack ’20
Rahul ’19 student picture
Rahul ’19

In addition to Hopkins-Interactive, you can follow our official admissions blog, Hopkins Insider, for a behind-the-scenes look at the application process and life on campus.

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