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We spend a lot of time talking about the many opportunities available to Hopkins students, so how exactly do they find their way with so much flexibility and so many options?

A group of students speaks with a counselor.

Throughout their time as undergraduates, our students find many helpful hands to help guide them on the search for the right path. Academic and faculty advisers assist in selecting courses, exploring academic options, and evaluating each student’s interests. This is an ongoing conversation that happens throughout a student’s Hopkins career as they’re constantly evaluating their goals, options, and passions.

“I came in undecided. I had many ideas and took classes in all of my prospective majors. I also talked to the professors of these classes to help me make my decision. The beautiful thing about freshman year at Hopkins is that you don’t have to choose; the support of the faculty and friends made the process a lot easier.”
–Josh B., ’18

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We understand that, as students grow here, their goals may change. Many students change their majors—and more than 60 percent double major or minor, taking classes across disciplines and schools. Along with a formal academic adviser, students connect with faculty mentors, research advisers, peers, and other resources to not only help make the most of their time here right now—but also set them up for success after Hopkins.

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