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“Hopkins fit my vision of what I wanted these four years to be–an open, yet challenging academic environment, a beautiful campus in a thriving city, an endless range of activities to get involved in, and a community of talented students…every day, I find myself amazed by the energy around campus.”
—Quan B., ’18

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Academic freedom. We seek students who are smart, ambitious, and genuinely eager to learn more about what is important to them. Hopkins students are constantly exploring their academic options across disciplines. They take classes they truly find intriguing, oftentimes combining academic passions. Our undergraduates find influential and interesting ways to meaningfully contribute to society’s ever-evolving issues and ideas.

Over 60 percent of our students have a double major or minor, allowing them to combine academic pursuits in unique ways to create the path that works for them.

Embracing the liberal arts. We’re proud to be the first American research university, and many of our founding principles are still evident in the way our students learn today. We were also created with, and continue to build on, a strong liberal arts philosophy. Hopkins students across all majors learn how to think critically, analyze problems from different angles, and view the world from a wider lens.

Meaningful investigation. Here at Hopkins, research and hands-on learning are a part of our academic culture. With abundant facilities and support dedicated to undergraduate research, our students are able to become active participants in innovative enterprises of their own design, making discoveries that shape the way they, and we, see the world.

“In no other place in the world will you find so many interesting individuals that are not only incredibly smart but are also extremely passionate about the things they are doing.”
–Jorge J., ’18

Engaged campus. As leaders, innovators, performers, or in ways we haven’t yet imagined, Hopkins students are engaged members of their community—both on campus and beyond. The Homewood campus is located in Baltimore, Maryland, a vibrant city that also serves an extension of campus for learning, living, and entertainment.

“I wouldn’t change a thing, all the mistakes, successes, failures, lessons learned shaped who I am. I guess I would just say: ‘Good Choice.’”
Ben Wasser, ’13

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