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The best way to learn about the undergrad experience at Hopkins is to hear from students themselves.

What is it that makes a school unique? What makes it somewhere you’d like to spend four important years? It’s not just the campus or the buildings; it’s the people you meet and the experiences that undergraduates share which shape the college community.

Hopkins Insider is your gateway to our campus community, with student blogs, Instagram photos, videos, and more.

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“Hopkins has a very unique, close-knit community of passionate, interesting people that is hard to match.” —Sydney R. '14

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Our students aren't shy when it comes to why they love Hopkins

In fact, they've created an entirely student-run social media website dedicated to doing just that.

What brings such a diverse group of current students to Hopkins and how are they spending their time here? Check out our student blogs to find out.

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“I love the people here so much. It’s such a welcoming and friendly community and even just being here for just three months, I know I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime.” —Varun K. '20