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The best way to learn about the undergrad experience at Hopkins is to hear from students themselves.

What is it that makes a school unique? What makes it somewhere you’d like to spend four important years? It’s not just the campus or the buildings; it’s the people you meet and the experiences that undergraduates share which shape the college community.

Hopkins Insider is your gateway to our campus community, with student profiles, blogs, photos, videos, and more.

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First-Year Wrap-Up

Check out Lara's compilation of some of the Snapchat/Instagram stories from her first year of college.

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campus and the city

Homewood and beyond

What brings such a diverse group of current students to Hopkins and how are they spending their time here?

Whatever you’re into—a cappella or modern dance, juggling or kayaking, photography or building robots—there’s a community here for you.

As an extension of campus, Baltimore offers abundant locally-owned coffee shops and restaurants, concert venues, art exhibits, biking trails, waterfront attractions, outdoor festivals, famous sites, and more.

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where are they now?

Life after Hopkins

Follow students' journeys from first-year undergrads to successful graduates.

Check out Alumni Features to hear from alums—what they do now, what they studied, and their favorite memories from Hopkins.

“While the jump from Hopkins to art school may seem unlikely, the amazing film department and other opportunities I was granted at Hopkins crystallized my creative abilities and point of view. Hopkins allowed me to explore different fields while diving into my interests, and this led me to discover that I’m truly passionate about design.”—Genevieve O. ’17

Close up portrait of Hopkins student Ariana
Ariana P.
Class of 2021
"The academics at Hopkins sort of speak for themselves, but what surprised me was the energy around campus...I’m surrounded by people who are not only working hard for their own success but pushing for the success of others."
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