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Peabody Double Degree

One of the benefits to being a Hopkins student is the wider Hopkins network. One of our nearby campuses, the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduates, including:

  • The Double Degree Program, which allows qualified students to earn simultaneously a bachelor of music from Peabody and a B.A or B.S. from Johns Hopkins
  • Cross-registration privileges for all students wishing to take music classes
  • Access to high quality facilities and practice spaces
  • Free and reduced concerts
Richly styled classical interior of the Peabody Library.

Learn more about the Double Degree Program.

Applying to the Double Degree Program

  • Submit applications to both Johns Hopkins University (Regular Decision deadline 1/5, click here for application requirements) and to the Peabody Institute (deadline 12/1, click here for application requirements)
  • The Peabody Institute will only consider Double Degree candidates during February auditions. If you choose to apply Early Decision (ED) to the Homewood Undergraduate Campus and are admitted, by signing the ED contract, you are stating you will attend the undergraduate program regardless of your Peabody decision, which will not be available until after the Early Decision notification from Homewood.
  • All Double Degree applicants will receive three separate decisions: one from each school and the Double Degree notification.

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